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Volume 1, Issue 1
Online Since 9th March 2019


  • • Challenges and Prospects of Traditional Knowledge in search of food and medicine: Experiences from Asia.

       Dr. Sampat Ghosh*

  • • Good Documentation Practice in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit as Per CGMP on Documentation.

       Mr. Manjeet Singh1*, Mr. Rajesh Z. Majuriya2, Mrs. Disha Chouhan3

  • • Biological Potential Thiopyridazine Analogues

       Mrs. Disha chouhan1* , Dr. Rajesh Mujariya2, Mr. Manjeet singh3

  • • liquid-fill capsules – benefits for highly potent api formulation and scale-up

       Mr Atul Bisen1* , Mrs. Disha Chouhan2

  • • Short Communication On- Generic Versus Branded Drugs

       Mr. Lokesh Patle1*, Mr. Atul Bisen2, Mr. Manjeet Singh3

  • • Review On Recent Formulation In Insulin Delivery System

       Priya Bisen1*, Disha chouhan2, Swati Angure3, Manjusha shandilya4

  • • Nutraceuticals as A Health Supplements

       Manjusha Shandilya1*, Disha Chouhan2, Priya Bisen3, Swati Angure4

  • • Ophthalmic Drug Delivery System: Approaches And Recent Trends In Ocular Drug Delivery

       Miss. Swati Angure1*, Dr. Rajesh Mujoriya2, Mr. Manjeet singh3

  • • A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

       Ms. Shikha Goutam1*, Mrs. Disha chouhan2

  • • A Review Report On Better Apporoches Of Floating Drug Delivery System (FDDS)

       Mr. Lokesh Patle1*, Mr. Atul Bisen2

  • • Formulation and evaluation of niosome for efficacy of anti microbial activity

       Shubhi Mishra1* and Tasneem Ahmed2

  • • Clinical Trial

       Tania Deepani1* & Bhawna Barelle2

  • • Medicinal Plants

       Renuka Meshram1* & Minakshi katre2

  • • Edible Vaccines

       Nilima sonkusare1* and Gyaneshwari mohare2

  • • To Study Brain Boosting And Stress Bursting Activity Of Statins In Rats

       Rakesh Patle1, Baba Rahul Meshram2

  • • Transmission Raman Spectroscopy For Pharmaceutical Analysis

       Ms. Urvashi Sahu1*, Mrs. Disha Chouhan2

  • • Review On Nasal Drug Delivery System

       Mr. Parmanand Tripathi1*, Ms. Swaleha sheikh2, Ms Nilam jamre3, Ms. Disha Chouhan4

  • • A Brief Overview On Solid Lipid Nanoparticle

       Ms Diksha Nagpure1*, Ms Swaleha sheikh2, Ms Rani lilhare3, Mr Lokesh Patle4

  • • A Brief Overview on Phytosomes

       Ms Nilam Jamre1*, Ms Swaleha Sheikh2, Mr Parmanand Tripathi3, Dr. Rajesh Mujariya4

  • • Protein Energy Malnutrition

       Alfaiz Ahmad Hussain1*, Ms. Disha Chauhan2, Dr. Rajesh Mujariya3

  • • Niosomal Delivery System For Ketoprofen Drug

       Aakash Sandily1*, Rahul Patle2, Mr. Atul Bisen3

  • • Medicinal Plant Found In Balaghat

       Divya Budhwani1*, Shikha Gautam2, Disha Chauhan3

  • • Pharmacy and Its Scope

       Rakhi Jairani1*, Mrs. Disha Chouhan2